Bob Scales


Inefficiencies and waste arise as processes evolve. At times they are introduced with new requirements or specification changes and other times they just evolve. Too often, they go unnoticed because "that's the way we've always done it."

The MXP Team is composed of experts in efficient operations that have extensive training in how to identify the opportunities and help you develop the right strategies and implement improvement plans for your organization.

At Max Productivity, we go beyond the mechanics of the process to involve people at all levels of the organization. We firmly believe in the value of employee involvement and 'buy-in'. This path consistently delivers the most sustainable results.

We understand that processes are unique to every company, perhaps even to individual divisions within a company. Likewise the solutions will be unique to that company – there is no one magic bullet for increasing productivity.

We employ a number of proven strategies for streamlining current processes, and can help you develop plans for future implementations and continued growth.

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