Bob Scales

Cost and Quality Improvement Tools and Techniques

5S – Process , methodology and important lean tool for creating and maintaining an organized, safe, clean and high performance workplace “a place for everything and everything in it’s place.” Continuous improvement starts with 5S.

1x1 Problem Solving – Structured and disciplined methodology for solving problems. These events use traditional tools to quickly get to root cause and effective solutions to problems.

Mistake Proofing (poka-yoke) – Addition of fool proof methods or devices to prevent problems caused by operator variation or inconsistentency.

Standardized Work– The one best way to do work for making quality products, in the required time, safely, with minimal waste. Centered around human movements, Standard Work identifies the content, sequence and timing of a persons work.

Single Point Lessons – Special instructions for equipment or tool adjustments not in normal sequence of a person standard work. Normally posted at machine near area where single point lesson is needed.

Six Sigma – Disciplined approach to statistical problem solving more difficult problems. Rigorous applications of design of experiment and other tools to understand the root cause of the problems and identify a permanent solution.

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