Bob Scales

Safety Improvement

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Accidents and bad safety practices can disrupt a workforce and drive major cost increases in an organization. Creating a safe and healthy work environment creates a stable and more reliable workforce, which can save you thousands of dollars in medical, workman's compensation and litigation costs.

"A recent example of a manufacturing location in the mid-west experienced lost time accidents of 60+ and OSHA recordables of more than 400 in one year. With a focused leadership effort and a transformation of the workforce to a mentality that "safety is everyone's responsibility," we were able to transform this plant to the best in the corporate structure with World Class status: 0 LTAs, less than 20 OSHA recordables and an incident rate of 0.5."

MXP's experts can help you develop collaborative programs, create effective policies and procedures and implement management practices that will reduce long term absences and OSHA recordables.

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